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residential solar companies

What to Remember When Looking For Residential Solar Companies

Solar power is becoming more common on residential properties every year. This has sparked to growth of many new solar companies selling equipment or other services to average homeowners. Picking the right company for your home is not always simple in this relatively new market. You need to remember a few things when looking for residential solar companies.

Always Use a Comparison Service

The first thing to remember is that you should always use a comparison service when looking for residential solar companies. The companies available today are very diverse because there is not a large amount of industry standardization yet. Some companies might be nothing more than wholesale clearinghouses for third-party equipment while others will have professional technicians and staff waiting to assist you during every part of the process. Always closely compare the history, technology and staff of any solar company before making a choice for your home.

Available Financing Options

The second thing to remember is that there are currently multiple ways to finance solar panels and other equipment. You are not limited to buying everything with a large upfront payment. Look for residential solar companies with financing options that match your budget. The main options today are financing through loans for purchases, leasing the equipment and power purchase agreements. Each option has pros and cons depending on your plans and lifestyle. Look carefully to determine what financing options are offered through the various companies available in your area.

Deals, Discounts and Incentives

The final thing to remember is that residential solar companies are becoming very competitive today. There are no longer just one or two companies servicing all homeowners. There are hundreds of companies. This is why you want to remember to look for deals, discounts and incentives. You want to check for companies that are going to add value to your purchase or provide some type of discount to make the equipment more affordable. The right deals can save you a significant amount when converting to solar power.